With over 10+ years of experiences in simulation and modeling technology, CAE Group offers a wide range of computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis of devices, buildings and fluid flows. We help our customers to optimize their engineering ideas for successful production, applying and overheads optimization. We are proud to have a lot of highly professional computational and engineering analysts in our team. We are using commercial and non-commercial CAE-software like ANSYS Fluent, CFX, Design Modeller, ICEM CFD, Flowvision, OpenFoam for analysis.


Key skills

  • Electronic cooling, packaging, furnaces and heat exchangers.
  • Fluid flow and hydraulic pressure drop in any engineering devices or applications.
  • Multi- physics, species transport, combustion, fire explosion and suppression.
  • Oil and gas field reservoir, multi-phase flow.
  • Data center air flow and heat transfer modelling and HVAC.
  • Static, linear, non-linear and dynamic stress / Structural Analysis.
  • Developing special software using FEM for engineering devices/applications design and modelling.
  • CFD and FEA software training and staffing services.


Typical workflow

  • Send us specification of your problem.
  • We evaluate the time and price for solution of the problems and send you an offer.
  • Send us the CAD-model of the device or simulation domain.
  • During online meeting (Skype, Hangouts, Webex, etc) we discuss all the details with your specialists.
  • We create and sign a contract.
  • We simulate your design in our CAE software, send you a technical report, simulation videos and other materials in accordance to the contract.
  • We send you another simulation data (CAE model, geometry and meshes generated during the work).